Several large insurance rating agencies have recently recognized the increasingly strong financials of The Zurich Group, resulting in an upgraded Comdex rating of 81%. The revised rating reflects the strong corrective actions Zurich has taken on the group’s Property & Casualty operations, while maintaining a highly diversified business profile.

Zurich is recognized for an exceptionally strong level of risk-adjusted capitalization, excellent financial flexibility, and robust liquidity. These factors are evidenced by strong returns from its life insurance operations, stable investment yields, and consistent risk-free income derived from its non-claims management services for Farmers Exchanges, a leading mutual insurance group operating in the US. Changes in the groups business mix are expected to lead to continuous improvements in financials.

As a result, Zurich has sustained competitive advantages in Europe and the United States as well as strong presence in Latin America and selective positions in Asia Pacific.

In addition to a positive financial picture, Zurich has also announced one of the industry’s most aggressive Table Reduction Platforms, which can now shave up to 3 tables and is available for term as well as permanent products:

Permanent Table Reduction Enhancements

  • Class C to Standard
  • Class D to F receives a two-table reduction

Term Table Reduction Enhancements

  • Class B to Standard
  • Class C-F receives a one table reduction

Table Reduction Qualifications

  • Up to and Including Age 70
  • Non-tobacco Risk Class
  • Alcohol/drug related ratings are not eligible
  • BP & Cholesterol/HDL must meet at least our Preferred (2nd best) class
  • BMI 18-25 for females, and 20-27 for males

With $20 MM of internal retention and a strong Foreign National Platform, Zurich is already known for its excellence in the Capacity space. Contact your Premier Team for more information on how these enhancements will increase Zurich’s strength in the large case market.



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