BrightLife Term Series 157 (BL S157) will be available for sale in all jurisdictions starting Monday, September 19, 2016. BrightLife Term Series 157 will replace BrightLife Term Series 151X and includes:

  • BrightLife Term 10
  • BrightLife Term 15
  • BrightLife Term 20
  • BrightLife Annual Renewable Term (ART)

Our new and improved BrightLife Term Series has many of the features of our current Term Series including:

  • the best conversion options and conversion credits in the industry, and
  • the strength and stability of AXA Equitable

Our new term also has some exciting new enhancements including:

  • improved Term 20 rates that will make our Term 20 among the most competitively priced products currently in the market
  • quickly compare carriers by submitting Informals for clients with face amounts $1 million and over
  • a new “Term Express Lane” process with dedicated resources to greatly improve our speed and customer experience
  • the Living Benefits Rider (LBR) is now available in NJ and WA

BrightLife Term Series 157 will replace BrightLife Term Series 151X on September 19, 2016. Sales illustrations will be available on September 19, 2016.

Transition Rules/Application Processing

  • BrightLife Term Series 151X Term 10, 15, 20, & ART cases received on or after September 19 will be processed as BrightLife Term Series 157
  • BrightLife Term Series 151X Term 20 cases that are pending underwriter approval on September 19 and where the new product offers an improved rate will be issues as BrightLife Term Series 157 upon case approval
  • all BrightLife Term Series 151X Term 20 cases that have already been underwriter approved or recently issued on September 19 and within the delivery or free-look period (whichever is applicable) will need the following requirements submitted to request to BrightLife Term Series 157:
    • AMICA form
    • return of policy (or statement that policy was destroyed/lost)
    • new premium quote/illustration (where applicable)

Amendment to Sales Agreement

This letter amends our Sales Agreement to BrightLife Term Series 151X as well as amends the Schedule I and Schedule II indicating the compensation schedules for these products. Attached are restated Schedules I and II covering all products. These Schedules replace the current Schedules in your Sales Agreement as of 9/19/2016. Please attach this letter, together with the restated Schedules, to the original counterpart of the Sales Agreement in your files.

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