Introducing AG Platinum Choice VUL 2

We are excited to introduce AG Platinum Choice VUL 2, our re-priced and renamed VUL. AG Platinum Choice VUL 2 provides death benefit protection, upside market potential, cash accumulation for future financial needs, and the flexibility to guarantee your client’s death benefit throughout their lifetime. Plus, when selected you have access to our Accelerated Access Solution which helps protect against the unexpected expenses that may arise from chronic illnesses, whether permanent or not. This is life insurance you don’t have to die to use.

Ideal for…

  • Individuals between 5070 seeking the security life insurance provides who:
    • are searching for competitively priced death benefit guarantees through life expectancy, coupled with market-driven asset growth potential
  • Individuals between 4055 seeking the security life insurance provides who:
    • want the opportunity to accumulate tax-deferred assets thru market opportunities to supplement income-producing assets on a tax-favored basis in the future
  • Also ideal for those clients who want to help protect against asset decline due to a chronic illness


Key Features

  • Competitive endowment premiums
  • Robust death benefit guarantees to choose from:
    • 20-Year Benefit Rider at no additional cost
    • Optional long-term death benefit guaranteed up to maturity through our Lapse Protection Benefit Rider (especially competitive up to age 90) (rider requires certain investment restrictions; see prospectus for details)
  • Life insurance you don’t have to die to use
    • Accelerated Access Solution helps protect against rising chronic illness expenses. No permanency required!
  • Attractive cash accumulation design for the supplemental retirement income strategy sale
  • 46 variable investment options from renowned money managers
  • Flexibility for individual, business or estate planning needs.

See the riders for complete details. There may be separate charges for each rider.


Transition Rules

To receive AG Platinum Choice VUL, new applications must be signed by June 30, 2017 and received in the home office no later than 3 pm central time (CT), July 10, 2017.

After 3PM CT on July 10th, 2017 any application received for AG Platinum Choice VUL will be issued with the new AG Platinum Choice VUL 2. A new illustration will be required for AG Platinum Choice VUL 2.

Reissue requests to change versions of AG Platinum Choice VUL will not be honored.

New applications submitted to replace existing inforce coverage with the new product will not be honored within 90 days of the existing coverage going inforce.


State Approvals

As of July 3, 2017, AG Platinum Choice VUL 2 is approved in all states except NY.



Attend one of the training webinars to get the latest information.



Illustrations are available on Winflex Web and Winflex Desktop.


Additional Information for eSubmission

If you submit your documents electronically, the following information is provided for your submissions:

  • Supplemental Application Document Type:
    • ExamOne and Paperclip users: Use the NBFORM document type for the Supplemental Application.
    • Zip zAPP users: Select ‘Supp App’ in the Form Type drop-down for the Supplemental Application.
  • Policy Number Assignment:
    • For AG Platinum Choice VUL 2 the policy number is assigned once the application is received in house. Agencies will no longer need to order policy numbers for VUL products.
    • Policy number scheme applied to for AG Platinum Choice VUL 2 will begin with a 4, second two digits will be the year the app is received in home office (i.e. 17) and the remaining numbers are assigned per our policy number database. For example, the numbers will be 4170000000 or higher. (Not applicable for Zip APP users as Zip APP assigns the policy number.)
  • Business Area/Product Type:
    • ExamOne Kofax/Ascent Capture users: Select VUL as the Business Area.
    • PaperClip Users: Select VUL as the Business Type.



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