Protective Life: Enhancements to Underwriting

We know that underwriting is a pivotal part of a successful sales process. That’s why we continue to make enhancements to our underwriting guidelines that can make doing business with us easier and more client-friendly.

As of September 16, the following enhancements have been made to our underwriting requirements:

  • Elimination of most resting EKGs*.
    • We will no longer require a resting EKG at any face amount through the age of 40
    • Ages 41-50: EKG will not be required through $10,000,000
    • Ages 51-70: EKG will not be required through $5,000,000
    • Age 71+: EKG will not be required through $150,000
      *Note that an NT-ProBNP will be added to the lab profile at ages 51+
  • Attending physician statements (APSs) will longer be required for clients with controlled hypertension.
  • Exams and labs will no longer be required for applicants ages 0-15, for face amounts under $10,000,000.
  • We will begin leveraging electronic inspection reports in lieu of telephone inspection reports for amounts up to $10,000,000, through age 70, and for amounts through $1,000,000 at ages 71+. Applicants aged 70 and over will not require an inspection report for face amounts $1,000,000 and below.
  • Finally, we will no longer require a Foreign National Questionnaire or routine APSs for green cardholders.

Note: An MCAS cognitive test (completed via phone interview) will be ordered by the home office on applicants at ages 71+

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