On November 22, new versions of Guardian’s 10 Pay Whole Life, 20 Pay Whole Life, L65, & PT L95 products will be available for sale!

10 Pay WL, 20 Pay WL, L65, and PT L95 repriced to meet the requirements of the 7702 Legislation for 2021.

Product Positioning & Rider Enhancements
Guardian’s Whole Life suite offers a range of distinct products to meet unique consumer needs. All 2021 products will see increases in cash value with corresponding increases in premium varying by age, sex, and rate class. L20, L65, and PT L95 are priced using a 3% Guaranteed Cash Value rate, while Ll0 is priced using a 2% Guaranteed Cash Value rate for the best cash value performance. These new products offer strong performance and early cash value. Overall product positioning remains unchanged from the prior series.

  • Guardian 10 Pay Whole Life (L10) is designed to provide early cash value and is priced to focus on performance and boost cash value in the first 10 years. 10 Pay WL is best suited for clients looking to guarantee premium payments are completed in ten years with a focus on building high early cash value.
  • Guardian 20 Pay Whole Life (L20) retains strong performance in the event clients are looking for a limited product and have the time horizon to pay premiums for 20 years. 20 Pay WL is a good choice for juvenile gifting and retirement planning.
  • Guardian Life Paid Up at 65 (L65) is ideal for clients looking to guarantee premiums stop at age 65, the traditional age of retirement where the life’s contribution phase transitions to distributions.
  • Pension Trust L95 (PT L95) is a high premium, high cash value permanent whole life product with level premiums payable until age 95 for use in Qualified Plans.


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