Starting December 7, 2019, the premiums on Secure Lifetime GUL 3 (GUL 3) will be increasing an average of 4 % on level pay, and 9% on single or 10 pay scenarios. While we strive to hold the prices of all of our products steady, the long-standing low interest rate environment continues to put pressure on our industry. To ensure we stay laser focused on our commitment to deliver higher value to both you and your clients, a rate change is necessary.

Differentiated Features
The product features and benefits will remain the same.

  • Innovative Partial Withdrawal Capability
  • Guaranteed return of premium with two built-in ROP opportunities
  • Accelerated Access Solution® – Provides chronic illness coverage to your client’s base policy up to $3M.
  • Lifestyle Income Solution – Guaranteed withdrawal benefit that converts the death benefit into a stream of supplemental income.

Transition Rules – New rates effective December 7, 2019

Paper applications:

  • Secure Lifetime GUL 3 (GUL 3) applications received on or after December 7, 2019, will receive the new rates.
  • Starting 4:00 PM CST on December 6, 2019, only the new rates for the GUL 3 will be available in Winflex.
  • To receive the old rates on the GUL 3 product, applications must be received on or before December 6, 2019.
  • Reissue requests will not be honored.

AG Quick Ticket

  • Secure Lifetime GUL 3 (GUL 3) applications dropped on or after December 7, 2019, will receive the new rates.
  • To receive the old rates on GUL 3, applications must be dropped into Quick Ticket by December 6, 2019. AIG must receive completed application with paramed from Quick Ticket by December 23, 2019, to receive the old rates.
  • If AIG receives the application and paramed after December 23, 2019, the new rates will automatically apply.

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