To achieve our vision to be America’s Retirement Company, Voya must continually evolve our strategy in response to changing, and often challenging, market conditions. The insurance industry continues to face strong headwinds, including historically low interest rates, heightened market volatility and regulatory changes.

In response to these conditions and as part of our evolution as a company there will be a number of changes to our product offering.

Product Changes

Effective December 30, 2016, Voya will suspend Voya Indexed Universal Life-Guaranteed Death Benefit (IUL-GDB) and all level-term insurance while continuing to offer cash value life insurance products. Suspended products include:

 Product name Issuing company* Policy form number
 Voya IUL-GDB      Security Life of Denver Insurance Company  1185-09/11
 Voya TermSmart      ReliaStar Life Insurance Company  1315-02/10
 Voya TermSmart NY      ReliaStar Life Insurance Company of New York  3314-02/10
 Voya ROP Endowment Term      ReliaStar Life Insurance Company  1314-12/09
 Voya ROP Endowment Term NY      ReliaStar Life Insurance Company of New York  3313-12/09

*All issuing companies are members of the Voya family of companies.


Voya is committed to the insurance business, and to the sale of life insurance and annuities. We continue to offer competitive product solutions to help our clients to and through retirement. We remain confident that cash value products play an integral role in Voya’s mission to help Americas plan, invest and protect their savings to get ready to retire better.

We are confident in our individual life business, and our expectation is to continue delivering top-quality solutions and value to our customers and shareholders.

The following contains some key dates and activities regarding the suspension of Voya’s level-term and IUL-GDB products.

Key date Action
  •  Last day to illustrate level-term products and IUL-GDB on Presents and other illustration software
  •  Last day Voya will accept formal applications



  •  Last day to issue/reissue policies
  • Last day to initiate 1035 exchanges with replacement companies
  • All underwriting and administrative requirements to issue the policy must be received by Voya

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