Two new VUL Products with one of our best VUL investment lineups

At Nationwide, we are known for our strong lineup of investment options. We are proud to introduce two new variable universal life (VUL) products with an exciting investment lineup and much more — available August 14, 2107:

  • Nationwide VUL Accumulator — Focused on cash accumulation and distribution
  • Nationwide VUL Protector — Focused on low-cost life insurance protection

New line up of high-quality investments and low-cost options

  • 70 options with a 0.67% weighted average expense
  • More high-quality options to make fund selection easier
    • 46% of the lineup have a 4-star or 5-star Morningstar rating
    • 41% of the lineup are asset allocation options
    • 57% of the lineup have brand-name fund managers including American Funds, Dimensional Fund Advisors, Fidelity, Franklin Templeton, Invesco, BlackRock and Oppenheimer
    • 8 Dimensional funds — more than in any other VUL on the market today
  • Two Indexed Strategy options — S&P 500® Annual Point-to-Point and Multi-Index Monthly Average

New 2-year rolling target premium

For enhanced compensation potential

Our new Nationwide LTC Rider II

  • Coverage for informal care (such as care from family members or friends)
  • More payout benefit options (2%, 3% and 4%)
  • Discounted rate for couples

New guarantees to help build client confidence

  • Nationwide VUL Rewards Program — A guaranteed benefit applied when the client satisfies a net accumulated premium test on designated testing dates:
    • Nationwide VUL Accumulator — 0.40% credit; starts in policy year 16 (earlier for issue ages 51 or older)
    • Nationwide VUL Protector — 25% reduction of base and ATR cost of insurance rates; starts in policy year 21
  • Extended No-Lapse Guarantee (ENLG) rider — offers guarantees to age 90 or to age 120. It automatically includes our Automated Premium Monitor to notify advisor and client if the guarantee is at risk of going off track. ENLG is available only on Nationwide VUL Protector.
  • 20-year initial guarantee — increased from the 5-year guarantee on our previous VUL products; applies to the Additional Term Rider when it is added to the policy.


State approvals

Product availability is subject to state approval — and as of June 15, 2017, both of our new VUL products have been approved in all states except: AK, CA, CT, DC, DE, FL, MA, MT, ND, NY and SD.

Strength and stability you and your clients can count on

We price our life insurance to withstand economic fluctuations and other challenges — and as a result, avoided increases to cost of insurance (COI) rates on our inforce universal life policies.


VUL Accumulator Protector

Take full advantage of your variable universal life policy

At Nationwide, we are committed to helping you take full advantage of your variable universal life (VUL) insurance policy. That’s why we offer a wide range of features and services to help you manage and monitor the investments within your policy — and much more.

Features and services are included with your policy at no additional charge.


Get the most out of your premiums

Dollar cost averaging

Knowing when to invest can be a challenge due to the ups and downs of the stock market. Using a strategy of dollar cost averaging (DCA) may help. DCA transfers specific amounts from your policy’s fixed or money market options into other investment options regularly over a period of time — rather than all at once. The goal is to buy fewer units when the market is up and more units when the market is down. This can help reduce investment risk and potentially offer a more stable cash value and death benefit over time.


Enhanced dollar cost averaging

Enhanced dollar cost averaging combines dollar cost averaging, as described above, and investing your initial premium into a fixed interest rate account that earns an enhanced interest rate.

At the time your policy is issued, you can elect to place a percentage — or all — of your initial premium dollars in the enhanced DCA program. Over the next 11 months, the cash value in the program is systematically allocated to the investment options you’ve selected. Enhanced DCA is available only when your policy is issued.


Asset rebalancing

This program automatically reallocates the cash value in your selected investment options to match the investment mix you originally selected. For example, if you originally invested 50% in option A and 50% in option B, over time, the balance may change if the options grow at a different rate. Rebalancing simply restores the assets in these two options to 50% in each.


Fund Directed Monthly Deduction

This feature lets you deduct monthly cost of insurance charges from the fixed account (and a few other options) instead of proportionately from all investment options. The goal is to help maximize the opportunity for cash value growth.


Keep an eye on your performance

Rate of return

We provide convenient online access to the rate of return (ROR) on each variable investment option you select in your policy — as well as an aggregate ROR that includes your investments in the variable, indexed, fixed and long-term fixed options. The information is updated with every financial transaction, with the aggregate ROR reported in each quarterly and annual statement.


Annual and quarterly statements

At the end of the policy year, you will receive an annual statement with key policy information. Every three months, you will also receive a statement listing all the financial activity in your policy. It’s an extra step, also available online, to help you manage your policy more closely.


In-force illustrations

An in-force illustration gives you a picture of how your policy is actually performing based on the premiums you’ve paid and plan to pay. This can be helpful when comparing it to the original projected illustration you received when you purchased the policy. After the first year, your insurance advisor can generate in-force illustrations to give you updated projections for your policy.


Automate your policy to work on your behalf

Automated Income Monitor

This service makes it easy to set up an income stream. Just tell us the dollar amount to take from your policy or how long you want it to last and how often to send it to you (monthly, quarterly, etc.).1 Keep in mind, taking loans or withdrawals will reduce policy values and limit your ability to accumulate cash value — and may increase the likelihood your policy will lapse. If you plan to rely heavily on your policy for income, you may want to consider our Overloan Lapse Protection rider to help protect your policy from lapsing.2


Automated Premium Monitor

The amount and timing of the premiums you pay are important in meeting the requirements for the Nationwide VUL Rewards Program — and to maintain the guaranteed death benefit in the Extended No-Lapse Guarantee (ENLG) rider.3 Automated Premium Monitor lets you know where you stand on meeting these requirements — annually for the ENLG rider and quarterly for the Nationwide VUL Rewards Program.


Nationwide can help you get the most from your life insurance policy.

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