Great news! We’re increasing index cap and participation rates on Symetra Accumulator Ascent IUL! These increases will be effective with the Sept. 14, 2022, index sweep date and will apply to all new business, including new premium, transfers (including DCA) and reallocations of matured segments.

Accumulator Ascent IUL’s max illustrated rates are also increasing from 6.00% to 6.24% for all index strategy options. Below are key dates on our rate changes.

Important dates

Aug. 26, 2022: Symetra Life Illustrator and all other illustration systems will be updated to reflect the new index cap, participation and max illustration rates.

Sept. 14, 2022: Segments created on this date or later will receive the new rates.

Symetra Accumulator Ascent IUL provides a straightforward indexed universal life product with strong cash value accumulation potential, competitive policy distributions and lower policy charges. And now, with our increased index cap and participation rates, its growth potential is even higher!

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