Beginning October 14, 2019, PruLife® SVUL Protector will be one of the most competitive survivorship variable life insurance products on the market.

It now offers lifetime guarantees while maintaining the potential to accumulate meaningful cash value. Its re-pricing focuses on reduced pricing for the lifetime no-lapse guarantee, making it a strong solution for protection and wealth transfer.

SVUL Protector is permanent life insurance that insures two people; it pays a death benefit to the beneficiary(ies) when both insureds have died. It can provide a cost-effective, efficient way to balance risk and cost to help clients protect their assets and stay in control of their wealth today and tomorrow. It can not only provide an income tax-free death benefit but also help protect clients legacy and pass along their wealth.

In addition to meaningful guarantees, now including lifetime guarantees, SVUL Protector offers:

  • A wide range of underlying investment options.
  • Cost-effective death benefit protection for two people, with the death benefit payable after both have died.
  • Cash value accumulation potential—with the ability for clients to access it when needed.
  • Flexible premiums—help your clients design their premium plan.

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