At Protective, we have a long history of responsible product design and keeping our promises. With this in mind, we are informing you that effective September 8, 2021, Protective Advantage Choice UL will be repriced with a slight rate increase.

While prices are changing, our commitment to the GUL market and meeting clients’ needs remains the same. The new rates help us to accommodate the current interest rate environment while continuing to offer this competitive protection solution.

As of the current date, California has not approved the product change. For clients in California, policies issued will reflect the prior product version. If an illustration is needed for a person in California, please contact the Sales Desk.

Transition Rules

Clients will receive current (prior to September 8, 2021) product versions, if they:

  1. Submit a signed application (including completing the TeleLife interview or signing a paper application) and illustration, if necessary.
  2. Ensure the policy has an effective date of September 7, 2021, or earlier.


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