Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America is a leading provider of life insurance and annuities. As a subsidiary of Allianz SE, the largest company in the diversified insurance industry with over $150 billion in assets, Allianz offers a strong balance sheet reflective of a disciplined investment approach that is focused on stability, reliability, and long-term results.

Allianz Features:

  • An Accumulation-Focused Index UL product Benchmarking in the Top Percentile for Accumulation and Distribution Sales.
  • Innovative Index Lock and Auto Lock Features which allow Policyowners to Control and Optimize Market Volatility.
  • Multiple Index Allocations, Crediting Methods, and Bonus Options.
  • Added Protection Option via Supplement Term Rider.
  • Premium Deposit Fund
  • Experience as a Leader in the Premium Financing Markets.
  • Aggressive Underwriting which allows Preliminary Reviews.
  • $5,000,000 of Internal Retention when Capacity is required for Jumbo Cases.

Allianz has maintained enviable cash reserves and a strong operating margin, despite continued economic turbulence. Their financial strength has earned Allianz consistently high ratings from independent rating agencies:

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