Nationwide® has updated the illustration requirements for Survivorship products beginning on September 7, 2018.


  • Nationwide Marathon® SUL II – The face amount will be limited to $10M for both Nationwide Marathon SUL II and Nationwide YourLife® SUL II
  • Nationwide YourLife® Survivorship VUL – No longer able to solve for a lapse rate under the age of 100

Key Dates:

  • Sep 7 – Nationwide Life Illustrator and Winflex illustrations systems will be updated with the new restrictions
  • Oct 1 – All formal and trial applications must be receive at the Nationwide home office. Trial applications received by 10/1 are eligible to become formal applications after this date.

Pending cases in underwriting and in-flight trial applications are eligible to proceed as is. Cases illustrated prior to these restrictions may be eligible for consideration if applications are received by 10/1. We understand revised illustrations may be needed for your case and we are able to run your revised illustrations at the home office.

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