On October 14, 2019, MetLife1 will launch a new Whole Life product (Whole Life 19 – WL19) to replace the current Whole Life 08 (WL08) product. This change is in response to regulatory requirements including the use of certain updated actuarial mortality tables and must be implemented by January 1, 2020.

WL19 will not be marketed for new business. WL19 will be available only to satisfy inforce policy holder contractual obligations, such as term and group conversions and other policy options. WL19 is available for MetLife policyholders use only.

Please note, the administrative process for requesting term and group conversions has changed. Additionally, many product features have changed. For example, WL19 is a non-participating product and is non-commissionable. Full details on WL19 may be viewed on the Product page of the MetLifePro portal, at https://metlifepro.metlife.com/advisors/products/ (login required).

WL19 Transition Period details:

  • WL19 is replacing the MetLife WL08 product (in states where available). The two products will not be offered simultaneously.
  • In all states other than California, requests for Conversions and Policy Option received on or after October 14 will be issued the new WL19 product. The new Conversion or Option Request Form should be dated no earlier than October 14, 2019
  • WL19 Proposals will be available in WinLegacy on October 14, 2019.

WL08 Transition Period details:

  • In all states with the exception of California2, the last day to request a WL08 product is October 13, 2019. Current Conversion and Policy Options requests must be signed no later than October 13, 2019. A WL08 policy can only be issued on requests dated on or before October 13, 2019.
  • WL08 requests must be received in good order by the MetLife Conversion team by October 25, 2019. WL08 requests received after October 25, 2019, will not be accepted.
  • In California, WL08 requests will continue to be accepted until California state approval is received.
  • For Group Conversions, if the conversion notice is dated October 14, 2019, or earlier, and the normal application deadline has not elapsed, WL08 may be issued. (Group conversion notices dated after October 14th will only have WL19 as an available product.)

1 “MetLife” refers to Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, and, as the context requires, its affiliated companies.
2 As of September 10, 2019, California has not yet approved WL19. There will be a separate communication when CA has approved it, as well as separate transition rules.

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