Effective September 16, 2019, subject to state availability, The Lincoln National Life Insurance Company is pleased to introduce the newest product in its variable universal life portfolio, Lincoln AssetEdge® VUL (2019). This product and its Business Solutions version, Lincoln AssetEdge® Exec VUL (2019), offer a variety of quality Separate Account investment options across all asset classes along with opportunity for predictability and reduced volatility through an indexed account option.

Lincoln AssetEdge® VUL (2019) and Lincoln AssetEdge® Exec VUL (2019) provide death benefit protection with maximum upside potential during the accumulation phase with the Lincoln Elite Series of Funds and additional protection during the distribution phase with an indexed account. These new versions comply with Principle-Based Reserving (PBR) and 2017 Commissioner’s Standard Ordinary (CSO) Table and replace the previous (2015) versions.

These products will not initially be made available in New York.

Product Highlights and Updates

Accumulation and Market-Driven Growth Potential

  • Elite Series of Funds
    • Covers every major asset class
    • Leading investment managers
    • Check-the-box asset allocation funds
    • Multiple risk management strategies
  • NEW! 1-Year Point-to-Point (PTP) Conserve Indexed Account Option
    Earns the full PTP percentage increase of the S&P 500* Index (excluding dividends) up to an index growth cap declared at the beginning of the segment year and with a 1% guaranteed floor, consistent with the option on Lincoln’s Indexed UL product portfolio. The cap at launch will be 8.25%.
Lincoln AssetEdge® VUL (2015) and Lincoln AssetEdge® Exec VUL (2015)
Declared Rate
1 Year Point-to-Point –
Conserve Indexed Account
Cap 8.25%
Participation Rate 100.00%
Floor 1.00%
  • Fixed Account
    • No Fixed Account transfer restrictions.
  • Dollar Cost Averaging available at issue with an enhanced Fixed Account interest rate to help address market volatility concerns.
  • Current persistency bonus beginning in year 3
  • Current M&E charge of 0% for all years
  • Right to Examine (freelook) Period for Return of Value states will now immediately invest into the client elected allocations. If exercised, the return of value will be equal to the accumulation value less debt plus any charges and fees.
  • External Rollover Loans are no longer commissionable
  • Decreases in Specified Amount will now be subject to the full prorated surrender charge during the entire surrender charge period

Access to Cash Value

  • Fixed Loan wash loans in years 11+
  • Indexed Account Participating Loan creates an opportunity for cash value predictability during the distribution phase with a guaranteed loan interest charged rate of 5.5% in all years


  • NEW! A choice of optional policy enhancements that provide financial protection from either long-term care expenses (Lincoln Care Coverage® Accelerated Benefits Rider) or permanent chronic illness (Lincoln LifeAssure® Accelerated Benefits Rider).

Business Solutions

  • Lincoln AssetEdge Exec VUL (2019) with the Exec Enhanced Surrender Value Rider designed for business owners who need a balance sheet sensitive solution.

New business applications will be accepted on September 16, 2019, in approved states. The new product will be available in all states except CA, GU and MP. Please note, the new products will not initially be filed in New York.

Transition Rules

For states that are approved at rollout, the transition period will end November 1, 2019.

  • For the old product, formal applications must be signed, dated and received in good order in Lincoln’s home office by the end of the transition period to qualify.
  • For LincXpress® Tele-App Cases, a complete ticket and required solicitation forms must be received and the client interview completed.
  • For pending business or policies already issued, Lincoln will accept a written request and a revised illustration to change to Lincoln AssetEdge® VUL (2019).
  • For policies already placed, normal internal replacement guidelines apply. Rewrites will not be allowed.
  • For states approved after rollout, the transition period will be communicated with the availability date.

All PBR and 2017 CSO non-compliant versions must be placed in force with premium by 12/31/19.

To help ensure policy placement:

  • For all 1035 Exchanges, Tele-App submissions and Premium Finance cases, Lincoln suggests application submission by October 1, 2019
  • And all premium(s) and delivery requirements be received in good-order by December 27, 2019.

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