Effective Jan. 23, 2023, subject to state and firm availability, Lincoln Financial Group is pleased to introduce Lincoln WealthAccelerate IUL to our life insurance portfolio.

Lincoln WealthAccelerate IUL is an indexed universal life product with an emphasis on the digital and automated experience, from application to policy management, and a focus on meeting consumers’ expectations in today’s modern world of instant decisions, exceptional experience, and simplicity.

For middle-income clients who want to accelerate their financial planning with a policy that addresses multiple needs; a foundation of protection, market-based returns, access to assets, and options to prepare for long-term care expenses.

Product Highlights
Securing the Protection You Need Can be Quick and Easy
Lincoln WealthAccelerate IUL provides a streamlined product design and underwriting categories:

  • Issue ages: 20 – 55
  • Face amounts: $100k – $1.5M
  • Death Benefit options: (1) Level or (2) Increasing by Cash Value
  •  Underwriting Classes: Preferred NT, Standard NT (up to table 3) and Standard Tobacco (up to table 3).
  • Two indexed account options and Long-Term Care riders for additional protection for future needs.

Obtained through a streamlined underwriting experience that can allow you to go from application to decision quickly:

  • Easy and paperless online process
  • Lab-free consideration for healthy clients
  • Instant communication of underwriting approval for lab-free cases
  • Before applying, make sure applicant meets these Pre-Qualifications

Focus on Growth Opportunities and Options
Choice of two indexed account options linked to the Fidelity AIM® Dividend Index# or the S&P 500® Index* (excluding dividends) designed to provide options to help meet clients’ long-term goals based on return potential and downside protection preferences. Policy value can be allocated to one or both account options with the ability to make allocation changes in the future.

Access to Cash Value

  • 9-year surrender charge period
  • Tax free income potential that may provide an additional financial resource or supplement existing retirement income. Choices provide a competitive option in the accumulation/distribution Indexed Universal Life (IUL) marketplace:
  •  Withdrawals
  •  Fixed and Participating loan options with guaranteed loan charge rates for greater cash flow predictability

New! Protection for the Future in the Event of Illness
Your death benefit can become a living benefit when you need it most. Gain access to the Lincoln Critical Illness Rider or Lincoln LifeAssure® Accelerated Benefits Rider II if you become critically ill or have a chronic or terminal illness.

Lincoln Critical Illness Rider
This is an optional rider that can be added for no up-front cost1. When exercised, this rider will pay a portion of the death benefit as a lump-sum benefit payment upon occurrence of a qualifying catastrophic health condition, as listed below, and Lincoln received documentation from the appropriate type of Physician.
Covered events:

  • Heart attack
  • Major organ failure/transplant
  • End state renal failure
  •  Coronary artery bypass grafting
  • ALS
  •  Stroke
  • Cancer (invasive only)
  • Permanent paralysis

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