With longer guarantees and price improvements, Protection UL – our top-selling permanent product – delivers more protection and value than ever before, including:

  • Some of the lowest premiums on the market, with the largest improvements at lower face amounts
  • Guarantees to age 90 for ages 55+ full-pay and 65+ single-pay scenarios*
  • Higher cash value potential than guaranteed UL (GUL) products
  • Stable crediting rate history due to our institutional-investment experience
  • Savings and rewards for healthy living through John Hancock Vitality
  • Even more Vitality credits for substandard clients
  • Peace of mind with LifeTrack, a tool to help manage policy performance

See how Protection UL delivers significant premium savings AND extended guarantees

Male, 60, Preferred Non-Smoker, Full Pay, $250,000 Death Benefit

Company/product Premium Difference Guarantee Duration (Yrs)
John Hancock Protection UL ’19 $3,668 90
Penn Mutual Guaranteed Protection UL $4,047 10% 120
John Hancock Protection UL ’18  $4,053 10% 89
Lincoln LifeGuarantee UL (2019)  $4,134 13% 121
Symetra UL-G 4.0 $4,248 16% 121
Pacific Life PL Promise Guaranteed UL  $4,327 18% 121
Nationwide No-Lapse Guarantee UL II $4,337 18% 121
Prudential PruLife Universal Protector $4,400 20% 121
AIG Secure Lifetime GUL 3 $4,429 21% 121
North American Custom Guarantee (Gen 9) $4,787 31% 121
Principal UL Protector IV {2017) $4,850 32% 121
*Guarantees based on solving for $1 at lifetime, without the Vitality Plus rider.
Premiums based on competitor’s lifetime guarantee solve. Protection UL solve to guarantee to age 90. Competitor information is current and accurate to the best of our knowledge as of October 2019. The data shown is taken from various company illustrations. Current interest rates may be different for each company and may not be guaranteed. The comparisons in this communication are of different products which vary in _premiums. rates. fees. expenses. features and benefits. These comparisons cannot be used with the public and complete personalized policy illustrations for each representative company must be presented or discussed with your clients. Please have your clients consult with their professional advisors to find out which type of life insurance is most suitable.

State approvals

Protection UL ’19 has been approved in all states except California, Delaware, Guam and New York.

New business and underwriting information

December 6, 2019

  • If seeking an informal offer – the John Hancock home office must receive a Protection UL ’18 illustration signed by the insured and owner, and a tentative underwriting decision must be obtained by this date.
  • If seeking a formal offer – the John Hancock home office must receive a Protection UL ’18 application signed by the insured and owner by this date. An illustration on the case is also required.
  • For a term conversion – the John Hancock home office must receive a term conversion application signed by the insured and owner by this date.
  • Note: If the policy is to be trust owned, at a minimum the insured’s signature is required on the application by this date.

January 24, 2020

  • John Hancock must have provided a final underwriting offer, received all administrative requirements to have the policy paid and inforce and received a confirmation to proceed with the 1035 Exchange (if applicable).


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