We are excited to announce the introduction of the new AD117 Value Whole Life (Value WL) product which will be available for sale in all jurisdictions with an application Part I date of February 12, 2018 or later. This new product, along with Whole Life and Custom Whole Life, rounds out the AD117 Whole Life Product Series – the most comprehensive set of Whole Life products ever offered by New York Life.

Value WL has been designed to be the least expensive option per dollar of face amount coverage in the Whole Life product suite. Although this product will be available to the same issue ages as Whole Life, Value WL is targeted for insureds age 50+ looking for an affordable permanent protection option with some cash value accumulation and dividend participation.

Overview of Product

Value WL is a pay to age 121 Whole Life product that offers premiums 5-30% lower than our traditional AD117 Whole Life product. This new product fills a gap in our Whole Life portfolio for clients seeking an affordable permanent product solution while still being able to accumulate cash value.

Value WL has many of the same benefits and features as Whole Life, including:

  • Guaranteed premiums (to age 121), death benefit, and cash value growth
  • Eligible for dividends
  • Issue Ages: 0-90
  • Minimum premium: $20,000
  • Same rider availability as AD117 WL
  • Eligible product for Term Conversion



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