As of January 22, 2018, IUL Protect is a universal life insurance policy with an indexed option, designed for your clients who are looking for an affordable permanent death benefit and value flexibility in their policy.

More to Love with IUL Protect

Our new and enhanced IUL Protect policy gives your clients clarity they can count on. And even more to love.

Simple Guarantees

  • A simple “no-math” no-lapse guarantee to age 90, or for 40 years if purchased under age 50, means no guesswork or calculators, just a simple number your clients can rely on.
  • Our Long-Term Care Services Rider offers guaranteed protection plus flexibility for your clients and their family, so long as they pay the required guarantee premiums.

Straightforward Performance

  • Extra Interest Credit, a unique feature that delivers direct cash value to your clients – on top of their index return – which is designed to increase as interest rates rise.
  • Stronger caps, designed for long-term stability in a changing interest rate environment.

For your business owner clients, IUL Protect can:

  • Help safeguard a business owner and the family’s stake
  • Offset the impact of losing a key employee
  • Enhance executive benefits or retirement plans
  • Build up a reserve for unanticipated expenses or needs
  • Fund a buy-sell agreement to help ensure fair-market value for the owner’s family


Product Highlights

With IUL Protect, your clients can choose how their premium payments are allocated, which can ultimately affect their policy’s cash value. The indexed option is designed for those who are looking for protection from loss, yet would still like some potential for growth. Choose the Guaranteed Interest Account, the Select Account, or a combination of both. Your clients can change their allocation at any time.

The Guaranteed Interest Account

Any premiums allocated to the Guaranteed Interest Account will earn the current interest rate, which is set by AXA and guaranteed to never be less than 2.5 percent.

The Select Account

If your clients want a bit more upside potential, the Select Account may be a good choice. This index-linked option gives them the potential for cash value growth based on the performance of the S&P 500 Index. They can realize 100 percent of any positive returns, up to a performance cap; and they’re protected against 100 percent of any negative returns with the 0 percent floor. AXA Equitable reserves the right to change the cap and participation rates for new Segments, but these rates will never be less than the minimums stated in the policy.

Extra Interest Credit

This gives clients an opportunity to receive additional cash value, on top of their index return. They can receive an additional daily credit to the Select Account equal to the Guaranteed Interest Account rate minus 3.5% (never to be less than zero), so they can benefit from rising interest rates.



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