On July 25, 2022, we are launching a new version of our flagship accumulation IUL- Max Accumulator+ III. It replaces Max Accumulator+ II with new competitive rates and a New Proprietary
index option: Franklin Quality Dividend Index (FQD) ̶ creating more options that make our accumulation IUL more attractive and competitive.

  • New Proprietary index option: Franklin Quality Dividend Index (FQD)
    • Uses a rules-based approach to dynamically combine high dividend-paying stocks and stocks with strong price stability and cash
    • Helps capture the upside potential of stocks while delivering a more consistent return profile in changing markets
    • 100% participation rate with high account value enhancement (AVE) rate of 0.75%
    • Replaces the S&P 500 High Bonus Account
    • Compliments existing offerings of attractive index account options (MLSB, PIMCO, S&P 500)


  • Improved target premium by an average of 17%, higher for target ages 30-55


  • Updated cap/par rates and AVE – Life Interest Rates
  • Along with these changes, Montana rates will be changed from unisex to sex distinct

Transition rules
Paper & Ticket

  • New product is effective July 25, 2022.
  • Applications received in the Home Office July 25, 2022 and later will automatically be given the new product.
  • Reissue requests to new plan will NOT be honored.
  • New applications submitted to replace existing inforce coverage with the new product will not be honored within 90 days of the existing coverage going inforce.

iGo Full e-Application

  •  New Case: Only the new Max Accumulator+ III will be available for agents in iGo Full eApp after July 23, 2022, 12:00 AM CDT.
  • Locked Case: For locked cases, agent will be permitted to complete the eSignature and eSubmit process. Cases locked before July 23, 2022, 12:00 AM CDT must be submitted within 15 business days.
  • Unlocked Cases on or after July 23, 2022, 12:00 AM CDT must apply for the new Max Accumulator+ III ; If needed, see PDF Retrieval Information that follows.

PDF retrieval for older cases:

  •  For old “Max Accumulator+ II” cases started before July 23, 2022, or unlocked after July 22, 2022, the
    following message will display:
    “Please begin a new case in WinFlex and eApply to iGo eApp. You may retrieve any application data
    previously entered into the Old case by launching the PDF from the My Cases screen.”


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