Exciting Updates on Max Accumulator+ IUL – Effective July 2, 2018

Max Accumulator+ is a flexible Index universal Life (IUL) product tied to index market performance that is focused on:

  • Supplementing retirement
  • Long-term wealth accumulation
  • Potential tax-advantaged income
  • Death-benefit protection

It also incorporates a diverse combination of cash value enhancement & access features.


See what’s changing:

  • Decrease in premium load of 2% in first 10 years – making the product priced more competitively against other cash value accumulation IULs!
  • Increase distributions from 2.5% to 3.5% on average – a lower premium load that may result in higher cash values, therefore potentially increasing the distributions available from the policy’s cash value!
  • We’re making changes to our index Strategies:
    • Replacing the Participation Rate Account with the Global Blend Participation Rate Account – It’s underlying index is the PIMCO Global Optima Index that is equity focused for strong growth potential, rules-based, and is designed to benefit from a diversified range of global equity and U.S. bond markets.
    • Updating the name of the “Core Cap Rate Account” to the “High Bonus Rate Account” for better alignment with its underlying strategy.


Current Index Strategies NEW Index Strategies

Blend Participation Rate Account

Utilizing MLSB Index

Blend Participation Rate Account

Utilizing MLSB Index

Participation Rate Account

Utilizing S & P 500 Index

NEW Global Blend Participation Rate Account

Utilizing PIMCO Index

High Cap Rate Account

Utilizing S & P 500 Index

High Cap Rate Account

Utilizing S & P 500 Index

Core Cap Rate Account

Utilizing S & P 500 Index

NEW High Bonus Rate Account

Utilizing S & P 500 Index


Transition rules:

Max Accumulator+ 2018 Reprice and index Strategy Option Updates – effective date of July 2, 2018


Starting the evening of June 29, 2018, through August 17, 2018 there will be two versions of the Max Accumulator+ products available for selection:

Max Accumulator+ IUL (2016) – Old version of the product

Max Accumulator+ IUL – New version of the product

After August 17, 2018 the Max Accumulator+ IUL (2016) will NOT display on WinFlex to be selected.

Paper Applications

Applications received starting July 2, 2018 will automatically receive new Max Accumulator+ IUL rates unless the old Max Accumulator+ product is requested.

Applications received after August 17, 2018 will only receive the new Max Accumulator+ IUL rates and the old Max Accumulator+ product will no longer be able to be requested.

Reissue requests to new plan will not be honored.

New applications submitted to replace existing inforce coverage with the new rates will not be honored within 90 days of the existing coverage going inforce.

AG Quick Ticket

Effective July 2, 2018, the new Max Accumulator+ rates will be available.

Any ticket in draft on August 17, 2018 will receive an error and must be restarted.

Max Accumulator+ now available in New York

Effective July 2, 2018, Max Accumulator+ Index Universal Life Insurance (IUL), issued by the United States Life Insurance Company in the City of New York (US Life), will be available in the state of New York. Product features and riders may vary by state.

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